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About House Lionheart

Who are we?

House Blackfyre is a large community and clan that plays a Mount and Blade Warband modification called "Persistent World". We have an accumulative total of around 60-70 members, but this number is growing ever steadily. The foundation of House Blackfyre lays in another clan, called House Dayne. This clan has been formed at 10 April 2014. A lot of the old House Dayne members are now a part of House Blackfyre, which has been formed at 31 Juli. The most interesting thing about House Blackfyre is the diversity, aswell in different kind of origins as also in different kind of ages and different kind of educations.

What do we try to gain?

House Blackfyre has been created with an aim to create the best and most fun gaming environment possible. Although our community can be very serious and heavy RP/training based, we like to play all types of other games like Rust and Age of empires II HD. To make sure we have a friendly and respected environment, we abide by a Code of Conduct seen below:

- Respect other players and factions.
- Don't respond to/start any trash talk.
- Always listen to highest in command.
- As always, have fun!

Our aim is also to become a big multi-gaming clan, so we can make sure more and more people will enjoy playing in our community and with our community. We soon hope to get our own Youtube channel so we can spread the word of House Blackfyre in the gaming community.

Interested to join?

If you wish to join our organization and community, fill out an application which is located in the sub-topic "Application Format" under "M&B PW: Recruitment". We do not have any requirements except speaking or at least understanding proper English.

Thanks for reading,

The leadership of House Blackfyre

An In-Character Story about House Blackfyre by Baron Snazzy,

House Blackfyre – The Black Dragons

As you walk into the dusty old tavern within the great city of Nordheim you hear the conversation of three men sitting at a small table. One man sits opposite the two young farming boys with almost silver hair, outmatching the shine of the fire near him. A sleek man his hair is long as its difficult to see his features, but the words that come out of his mouth capture the attention of the boys so much one hasn't noticed that his bread was being stolen by a small street urchin. You overhear their entire conversation even if your not truly listening...

“... So you see, House Blackfyre was founded in the 12th reigning Targaryen king's rule, Aegon IV also known as Aegon the unworthy sired many bastards in his rule one of which was Daemon Blackfyre head of House Blackfyre in its creation.

It's fair to say house Blackfyre in it's entirety always had a rough time. Lords and ladies disliked the fact that a legitimised house sat so close to the great ruling family of the seven kingdoms. What was most surprising is the young Daemon Blackfyre upon winning a tournament was given the ancient Targaryen blade “Blackfyre” a blade which had followed the family ever since the days of the Valyrian freeholds where all those of Targaryen blood came from. This was no different for the kings bastard, Daemon Blackfyre had the old blood of Valyria running through his veins, the purple eyes, the silvery white hair.. Everything said that Daemon Blackfyre was a Targaryen.. All but his name. And it's his name which almost ripped the seven kingdoms apart.

It's no secret that being of Targaryen blood does make you arrogant, you do think your blood puts you above everyone. It was no different with Daemon, he was the son of the king, surely he should inherit the throne. This helped towards the trigger of the Blackfyre rebellions, an event which would be repeated many years after its core event. But there was another trigger, perhaps the true trigger of his rebellion. Daemon did not inherit the throne, his brother Daeron was given the throne at his fathers death bed of course this angered Daemon but it gave Daeron the power to deliver the biggest blow Daemon could receive, and of course this story includes a love. Unfortunately this is Targaryen love so it involved his sister. Daeron married her off to a Dornish prince something which Daemon hated above all things. The next twelve years gave him his time, to have sons and to make his house powerful. He had 7 sons and after 12 years the means to hold a rebellion which would see the entirety of Westeros torn between the crown and the king that bares the sword in reference to the ancient Valyrian blade given to Daemon. This ended like any other war, with a winner.”

One of the farming boys looks up to him, “yeah but who won 'den?” To which the man answers with a confused and perhaps annoyed stare at the boys stupidity. “he lost, the battle of Redgrass fields saw the death of him and two of his sons, Aemon and Aegon. Any hope of a successful rebellion died with him. His 5 other sons continued their struggle in exile with Daemon's half brother bittersteel, or Aegon rivers, or alternatively the founder of the golden company. Together he helped them servive and learn what it was to be noble house of Targaryen blood. Rebellions soon happened, sometimes out of the blue to be simply crushed by the Westerosi. The final rebellion saw the last male heir die, upon the stepstones at the hand of Ser Barristan Selmy,” he says whilst crushing a piece of bread upon his plate. “Maelys Blackfyre or Maelys the monstrous died that day, thus ending the rebellions.. and house Blackfyre.”

One of the boys finishes his drink, “pity none of 'em survived, must've been pretty amazing to see 'em go round doing fings.” The man looks up slowly, the fire being able to cast itself upon his face revealing the features of a nobleman with purple irises in his eyes, “his sisters survived, even a daughter, ones not tainted with the horrible disease the man carried.” as he moves the hilt of a golden blade with a dragon's head hilt shows from beneath his jacket. The other farm boy shrugs, “s'pose they could be around then, could be sitting right under our very noses....” as his head slowly turns to the boy next to him making them both laugh moments later, but only making their noble guest pull a bemused face at their ignorance.

Still laughing slightly the smallest boy looks at him, “what was your name anyway mate?” He looks at him then smiles, “My name is Edric, Edric Blackfyre.” He then stands up giving them a glance then raises his hood as he leaves the slowly emptying tavern.


Blackfyre_DM server: Full and active server since August 2014.

A great active clan with a good social environment since 10 April 2014